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Android Accessibility Checks

Welcome! You can find the checklist on the Checks page, and read more and learn about different things in the Learnings-section. Also, if you want to add this checklist to your development flow, you can find a markdown version on Checks as Markdown page.

Also, if you're interested in how this site came to be, check the About-page.

Want to Help Improving the Checklist?

Initially, this site was developed for my master's thesis. I was collecting ideas to improve this checklist as part of my thesis work, and decided to leave the form open for possible future research. If you want to help, could you answer a couple of questions in this Google Forms-questionnare? I'm looking for answers from developers ranging from those who have little knowledge about accessibility to those who have a lot of experience. So, if you are developing Android applications, you're the one I'm looking for.

If you're interested in learning more about the thesis, About-page has a bit more info.

Who This Site is For?

This site is intended for all Android developers who want to create more accessible apps. The goal was to create a set of checks that every Android dev (with or without experience with accessibility) could do for their app and discover possible accessibility problems.

Something is Missing, Who Do I Contact?

You can send me a message: hello[at]